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Tormax, a manufacturer of automatic door systems, addressed its growth challenges by adopting HubSpot Sales and Marketing Hub as its platform solution.

With BAC's leading process and systems design capabilities, Tormax introduced new GTM processes to systemise its sales, service and digital marketing capabilities through Hubspot. The result, a streamlined, straight through process between marketing, sales, and service management. This resulted in a robust go-to-market system that enabled Tormax to manage and deliver on its brand and sales growth objectives, while delivering great customer and employee experiences.

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Rod Moynihan

Systemisation To Fuel Growth

Tormax, a leading manufacturer & service management of commercial automatic door systems, faced several challenges in their Australian and New Zealand businesses. Key to these challenges was addressing the legacy systems and ways of working within their industry. Tormax's objective was to bring the leading go-to-market (GTM) process and systemise these via a market leading platform like Hubspot. 

Unleashing Growth with BAC & HubSpot

Tormax had previously not considered the importance or value of a centralised customer experience platform to manage the sales process, the absence of a repository for processing customer data, and the inability to automate sales processes were hindering the company's growth. They were also relying heavily on outbound channels for lead generation, which was high cost and high effort, and there was no system in place to cater for inbound marketing and lead generation. This was also causing difficulties in handing over won opportunities to service management and resulting in sales administration oversight and errors.

To address these challenges, Tormax engaged BAC, a HubSpot diamond implementation partner, to adopt HubSpot Sales and Marketing Hub as their platform solution. BAC's extensive experience and technical expertise helped Tormax systemise its sales operations, establish foundational digital marketing capabilities, and streamline the handover process between marketing, sales, and service management.

BAC first conducted a solution design to define a data model and process map that would accurately reflect the future state of Tormax's sales operations. They then translated the requirements into an intuitive CRM, with a comprehensive sales pipeline driven by HubSpot automation, that was easily operated by sales representatives and monitored by sales managers.

To drive a higher volume and diversity of leads, BAC designed and developed a foundational marketing automation campaign template within Marketing Hub. This allowed Tormax's internal sales operations team members to manage and execute marketing campaigns, even though they didn't have a dedicated marketing role in the business.

BAC also integrated HubSpot CRM with simPRO, Tormax's field service management system, via Workato. This integration minimised the overhead in managing the handover process and exchanged sales and service management data seamlessly.

The adoption of HubSpot Sales and Marketing Hub allowed Tormax to address its legacy systems and processes, systemise its sales operations, and increase its operational effectiveness. The result was a robust go-to-market system that enabled Tormax to drive sales and grow its team.

Achieving Scalable Growth & Results

Without HubSpot Sales and Marketing Hub, Tormax would have continued to face the challenges of manual processes, lack of performance visibility, and dependency on high-cost and high-effort outbound channels for lead generation. 

The absence of a central repository for processing customer data and the inability to automate sales processes would have made it difficult for the company to scale their Go-To-Market operations. The process of handing over won opportunities to service management would have remained onerous and time-consuming, causing sales administration oversight and errors. Tormax would have also missed out on the benefits of inbound marketing and lead generation, hindering their growth and preventing them from reaching their full potential.

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