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MyHR, a New Zealand-based HR outsourcing services company, adopted HubSpot Service Hub to improve its fragmented customer support experience and increase customer satisfaction.

The platform streamlined processes reduced manual errors, and provided real-time reporting and dashboards, resulting in a more efficient HR support system and reduced customer churn.

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Rod Moynihan

Navigating the Fragmented Support Experience

MyHR is an on-demand human resources outsourcing services company based in Auckland, New Zealand. As the company continued to grow and the need for enhanced customer and employee support experiences increased, MyHR started to experience several challenges.

One of the biggest issues was the fragmented support experience. This resulted in a chaotic workflow management problem that created a poor customer experience and limited visibility into customer interactions. These problems were reflected in low customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores and ultimately, customer churn.

The phone system was another major pain point. It required manual updates each month and lacked transparent call recording capabilities. This led to difficulties in tracking customer interactions and providing a comprehensive support experience.

Inconsistent advice was also a problem, as different advisors would provide different answers to the same questions. This resulted in confusion and frustration for customers, and the lack of a centralised database of answers made it difficult to ensure consistency.

Manual updates of tracking spreadsheets and workflows were also a challenge. They were prone to mistakes, and the manual process was time-consuming and prone to errors. The process of internal handovers was also cumbersome, and customers often had to wait for extended periods to receive the answers and support they needed.

Achieving Order in Customer Support and Service

With these challenges in mind, MyHR decided to adopt the HubSpot Service Hub. The platform integrates the Sales, Marketing, and Service Hubs, providing a seamless customer experience. The goal was to reduce customer complaints and churn, better plan internal resources to support experiences, and automate proactive client communications.

BAC, a diamond implementation partner recommended by Hubspot, helped MyHR design and scope the project. The BAC team brought their expertise in customer and support services to the table, helping MyHR translate their desired future processes into a simple, trackable ticketing system powered by Hubspot's workflow engine.

With BAC's help, MyHR was able to design processes that empowered employees and customers, while also ensuring key data was captured during interactions. This provided real-time reporting and dashboards, giving MyHR valuable insights into the customer experience. Additionally, Aircall was integrated into the phone system, providing automatic call recording and an aggregate view of customer interactions.

The adoption of HubSpot Service Hub also improved member communication through the automation of reminders and prompts. This helped to reduce manual updates and errors, and the ability for members to book time with their assigned HR business partner meant that customers received the answers and support they needed much faster. A catalogue of snippets for both chat and email ensured that customers received consistent advice, no matter who they dealt with. Real-time dashboards allowed MyHR to proactively manage their team and assign projects or hire further support as needed.

Saying Goodbye to Fragmented to Support

The adoption of HubSpot Service Hub allowed MyHR to overcome the challenges they faced and provide a better customer experience. The platform streamlined its processes, reduced manual updates and errors, and provided valuable insights into the customer experience. The result was a more efficient and effective business, with improved customer satisfaction and reduced customer churn.

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